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Cold Sight - A/H1N1 3.5/5

Reviewed: 12-1-13


1. Your fear - Your enemy
2. Until the end
3. A/H1N1
4. Quarantine
5. Epidemic
6. Price dreams
7. Recommended die
8. Dusk
9. Not forever

Cold Sight is a band from Russia and 'A/H1N1' is their full-length debut. The band contains only 2 members - Alex Quitty handles the bass and keys, and he also formed the band, while Natalia Zolotova is the vocalist, and she is of the operatic (soprano) type. They grabbed guest musicians to handle some of the guitars, drums, and there are also some additional vocalists for the choir parts.

The overall style of this debut is symphonic power metal, and it's also a Russian-language CD (the tracklist is translated, as usual), so the band shares many similarities with Andem, Sphinx, Uncreated Light (now Valkyrie), R-Genium, Rabies and Solar. Just like these bands, Cold Sight incorporates a few gothic touches into the music, but there's also a fair amount of speed, and it certainly stays within the realms of symphonic power metal for the most part.

Most of the songs on this CD are quite good, and it's definitely a recommended CD if you're a fan of the Russian bands mentioned. Track 3 (title track) is kinda long for an instrumental, but it's still catchy, and there really isn't a bad song on the entire CD. Nicely done, for sure.




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