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Chemistry Room - Butterfly effect 4/5

Reviewed: 11-20-09


1. Captured by this game
2. Butterfly effect
3. The flow of time
4. Cross and flag
5. The dawn forgets the night
6. Madness
7. A dream without sleep
8. Cristalline
9. Fall out

One thing that we like to do here at Metal CD Ratings is to find unknown and unsigned power metal bands and write their CD reviews to help these bands become known and ultimately signed by a record label. Who knows, one of these bands could eventually become a powerhouse in the metal world.

One such unknown and unsigned band is Italian melodic power metal group Chemistry Room. Formed in September of 2008, by guitarist Fabrizio Amilcare, bassist Dario Battiston and vocalist Gilberto Miglioranza; the band was incomplete until 3 more members joined. Enter drummer Stefano Gasparotto, lead guitarist Piercarlo Favro and keyboardist Vittorio Manzan to round out the band.

After a few local gigs in and around Venezia, Italy in early 2009, Chemistry Room were ready to record their debut release. So in July the band went into Remaster Studios and came out with ‘Butterfly effect’, a melodic yet aggressive power metal release containing 9 stellar tracks.

Going over the CD, I was immediately impressed with their mature sound and gusto; showing that these guys really want to succeed. ‘Butterfly effect’ is an exceptionally good debut CD from an unsigned band and I doubt it will take very long before a European record label snatches them up. Hailing from Italy, most would assume that they would continue the metal trend of the bulk of melodic power metal Italian bands; a neo-classical sound with high-pitched over the top vocals with not too much aggression at all. This is not the case with Chemistry Room.

As fellow Italian power metal band Secret Sphere hardened up their sound over their last 2 CDs, Chemistry Room does have a similar sound to recent Secret Sphere material, however not quite as polished as their Italian counterparts who have been making great CDs since 1999. From the opening track “Captured by this game”, you can feel that these guys mean business and are on the right path from the get-go. After an atmospheric intro from the keyboards, the main riff glides in and the aggression and head banging begins. Vocalist Gilberto Miglioranza is a talented singer, who has a medium to high tone; but is quite raspy and that gives his vocals some added grit.

The title track is next and this song is a sure fire winner, with its groove metal infusion with the melodic guitars and vocals. Gilberto again is outstanding, his range and delivery almost perfect on the track. “Butterfly effect” is definitely one of the best tracks on the CD, with such diversity and emotion; it sounds almost like these guys are seasoned veterans in the metal scene. The addition of the keyboards, which only came into their sound just before recording of the CD, adds so much depth to their sound and the element is used creatively well throughout the release.

Analysing the CD, I feel that one of the things which really stands out for me is the songwriting. For a new and un-proven metal band who is also unsigned, their tremendous efforts towards the songwriting is almost flawless. Unpredictable, creative and variant, each track flows beautifully with the next; keeping my interest throughout. Other tracks which shine bright on the CD include “Cross and flag” (aggressive, emotional, heavy and diverse), “The dawn forgets the night” (melodic and uplifting with emotional vocals), “Madness” (rough, tough and heavy) and “Cristalline” (speedy, atmospheric and melodic).

Chemistry Room are sitting on a huge CD here with ‘Butterfly effect’ and it is just a shame that the CD is over after only 9 tracks; as it is the kind of release that you want to keep going for so much longer. For a band as young as this one, their debut release is very mature for their time, with songwriting that can and has put other metal bands to shame. The musicianship is brilliant, with great harmonies, hard aggression on the guitars but yet still melodic and emotional... again you could have fooled me that this is a debut from a band that began just a year ago.

Whoever picks this band up will make a great investment with Chemistry Room; as these guys are good enough to be signed with a major label like Massacre Records, Nuclear Blast, AFM and Noise, among others. ‘Butterfly effect’ is a top-notch release which surprised the hell out of me and should surprise you too. Fans of power metal, melodic metal, traditional heavy metal and also fans of Secret Sphere should grab this CD anyway you can right now, because you’ll be glad you did. Remember this name: Chemistry Room!




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