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Chaoswave - The white noise within 2/5

Reviewed: 7-28-06


1. The 3rd moment of sadness
2. Indifferent
3. Mirror
4. Hate create
5. The end of me
6. The wasteland of days
7. Paint the poet dead
8. Swept away
9. See nothing hear nothing say nothing

Chaoswave's debut 'The white noise within' is a very interesting CD. For starters, there are male and female vocals which are extremely similar to those from the gothic metal band Lacuna Coil. Seriously, female vocalist Giorgia Fadda is a dead-ringer for the popular Cristina Scabbia, as is male vocalist Fabio Carta for Andrea Ferro. It's surely impossible for those familiar with Lacuna Coil to not make the connection immediately. I prefer the voices of Lacuna Coil, but Chaoswave's vocal department is decent and may be great for die-hard fans of Lacuna Coil.

Musically however, Chaoswave is much heavier and I hear nothing in the gothic metal direction. Instead, I would call them a very modern sounding variety of progressive power metal. Envision the pace of early Nevermore and the modern sound of Nevermore's recent material, combined with the progressive side of Communic. I really like that the CD is extremely heavy (just as with Communic) and there are some faster parts, but from a songwriting perspective, the CD is lacking, especially with being memorable. I can get through the CD no problem, but at the same time, it's easily forgotten.

A plus for the band is that 'The white noise within' is consistent throughout and I feel that those who like one song will like the entire CD. So there will certainly be metal fans out there that will find this to be a strong debut, but I have to admit it hasn't really impressed me. It's a bit surprising, as the similar Communic has completely grabbed me. Perhaps Chaoswave has too much of a modern, almost groovy, feel. Simply put, heading off to hear samples is suggested, as this is definitely not a blind purchase.




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