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Cellador - Enter deception 3.5/5

Reviewed: 7-14-06


1. Leaving all behind
2. A sign far beyond
3. Never again
4. Forever unbound
5. Seen through time
6. Wakening
7. Releasing the shadow
8. No chances lost

Metal Blade have finally broken tradition by embracing their first power metal band in over a decade. This new awakening, seen through time, is truly releasing the shadow of their past perfidious and perjurious persistence for signing every In Flames & Slayer clone available. Even Ozzfest has its first power metal band ever with the inhuman Dragonforce rampaging the main stage this summer. Good graces are goading and gathering glory for this genre; long since anathemetized by death metal mutations, whose entire deception has perpetrated such chaos. Nebraska's Cellador created quite a buzz when they circulated their demo at last years Prog/Power festival, with a slightly different logo. Finally, all those who heard this demo and were yearning for a sign far beyond barricades, will definitely enjoy their laconic full-length 8 track transposition.

These 5 foundlings from Omaha open the cellar door and tranverse the walls of Jericho riding the sky with 7 keys clanging and gamma rays rising. These soldiers of the steel prophet meld the guitar shredding antics of the demoniacs Herman Li & Sam Totman with hooks and laterals forever unbound. The ancient apostate's turncoat rebellion and ruse is leaving all others behind in the dust and ashes of ineptitude; sedulously guaranteeing that no chances are lost in the purchase of this compulsory creation. Cellador will entertain and overwhelm the senses with their enduring guitar histrionics and fretboard gymnastics. Both guitarists Bill Hudson, who recently relocated from Brazil, and Chris Peterson are but college-age confabulators in their early 20s. These progenitors of power metal whose combined and congruent harmonies will lead the listener into ecstastic nepenthe, now possess the qualities of veterans, never again sounding like mere amateurs. David Dahir crushes the drum-kit with his blast beating barbaric barnstorm, while bassist Valentin dazes and downright denigrates the denizens. Michael Gremino is a virtuoso compelling, with his vacillating vocal lumination. He sounds similar to Lord Tim, who has recently escaped the dungeon and set sail for Ilium.

In the video, for "Leave it all behind", Mr. Smith donns the Geoff Tate eyeliner look; which does not really complement his visage, it only makes him appear to be more epicene. Dragonforce have taken tremedous slack by power metal excoriates; given the ludicrous promotion they have received. Just read the review at to see what I mean. This ostentatious review glorifies the band with hyperbolic intention; never once given reference to their sound and talent. For those who relish in Metal Blade's curent roster of clonish hard-metal core bands; Cellador will definitely be tossing their salad out the door, as they are dressing their wounds.

The press sheet suggests that even though Cellador was created to bring the power metal sound to the states; their lyrics don't focus on fantasy facades; rather they are more introspective and pesonal with global topics in a subjective soliloquy. Cellador cull their influences from all aspects of the metal genre. I personally hear serious similarity to Dungeon's 'Resurrection' and Steel Prophet's 'Messiah', which I have not seen mentioned in a single review, thus far. So many critics are astounded by Cellador's sound; especially given their age and aptitude, that they omit this collation. Perhaps, I'm becoming complacent, once I've heard bands like Hibria, Manigance, Galneryus and Ilium; but, I just don't view Cellador as becoming the next big band. The production by Erik Rutan is crisp and consistenly clear. There are no filler tracks to be found, no mid-paced epics and no ballads, so certain metal enthusiasts will wonder why I'm inclined to this indisposition; as Cellador are clearly one of America's most promising talent. All I can retort to this inquiry is that variety is the whine and cheese to be savoured in this cellar's Dorian portrait of life.




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