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Chrome Division - Doomsday rock 'n roll 4/5

Reviewed: 8-11-06


1. Doomsday overture
2. Serial killer
3. Hate
4. Trouble with the law
5. Chrome Division
6. Here comes another one
7. 1st regiment
8. Breath easy
9. The angel falls
10. Till the break of dawn
11. We want more
12. When the shit hits the fan

Black biker metal - motorcycle mayhem, forever clad in denim blue jeans and leather jackets - doomsday deceivers Chrome Division ensure that all angels fall on their knees and that the prostrate poseurs are crushed beneath their wheels of steel. Norway's Chrome Division know that when the shit hits the fan, it's time to rock out till the break of dawn. Formed by Dimmi Borgir's Shagrath, who now plays rhythm guitars, Chrome Division is serial killer, kick ass, power rock in the vein of classic Motorhead, AC/DC and The Cult. There are also hints of later Entombed, The Hellacopters and Gun Barrel.

You may be wondering, then, why I chose this CD for a power metal site; you can now breathe easy, since Chrome Division is the perfect blend of 70s style garage band bashing and classic 80s metal. Every song on this CD vibrates with hateful purity and each track is imbued with harmonious melodies which will have you singing along after only a few listens. Ricky Black is an accomplished lead guitarist, who reminds me of Ted Nugent and Brian Robertson. Lead singer Eddie Guz channels the vocal stylings of Cathedral's Lee Dorian and Ian from The Cult. He may sing gruff like Lemmy from Motorhead; but the lyrics, recalling the banalities of Kiss, are easily deciphered. The drumming by Tony White on the "1st regiment" is very similar to Iced Earth's "Glorious burden" with its battle like reprise.

Once this CD has found its home in your player, after several doomsday revolutions, you will want more! The sagacious and salacious singing will cause you to breathe sleazy and foist upon a regimen of reprobates. Shragrath's wrath and rancour posse powerfully resound their trouble with the law licentious recusant rectitude. They consistently hammer out boisterous bee bop and rock steady riffage; especially on a track like "We want more" replete with the female tulsa chorus. I love the lyrics for this one: "All my life I've tried to be a good man... I've tried to do good... how I've been misunderstood."

So if you plan on taking a road trip, or have a long drive to any of the awesome metal fests coming in the next month, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of 'Doomsday rock 'n roll'! Also check out their new video for "Serial killer" featuring a guest appearance by Silenoz. As Nuclear Blast's press sheet states proudly, "Booze it up, play this loud, invite your friends over, and raise hell!"




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