Custard - Wheels of time 3.5/5

Reviewed: 8-12-05


1. Fragments of eternity (intro)
2. Wheels of time
3. Escape reality
4. Chance
5. Inner void
6. One step too far
7. Sunrise
8. Shine on
9. Fade out
10. Lost forever
11. Scared

Custard moved towards a more melodic, almost European power metal sound with their new singer on the previous CD, ‘For my king’. The band continues this move with ‘Wheels of time’ and are now sounding a lot like the classic bands Helloween and Edguy. In a lot of ways this is very good as Custard has found a style they are good at and they are getting a more consistent sound with it. However, there is now somewhat of a “samey” sound to the band which might turn some listeners off.

After a short instrumental opener, the CD gets going in a big way with 2 great tracks, the title track and “Escape reality”. Most of the rest of the CD ranges from good to very good, but there are 2 notable exceptions. The first is the incredibly catchy “One step too far”, which could easily be a Helloween or Stratovarius track. Also, “Fade out” may have the best verse of any Custard track on any of their CDs; this verse sounds exactly like it belongs on an Edguy CD. While the chorus isn’t quite as good, it is still a very, very good track. The production on the CD is good but, just a little more raw and muddled sounding than on the previous CD.

I like this CD and the previous one about equally. This new CD has a more mature sound to it and finds the band settling into it’s sound. While this is generally a good thing, the CD is missing just a little of the newness and excitement that was found on its predecessor. Still, this is a very good CD from a very good band that has settled into the 2nd grouping of power metal bands. They still aren’t consistent enough songwriters to be considered at the top of the genre, but there is nothing wrong with being very good like Custard is.




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