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Caladmor - Midwinter 3.5/5

Reviewed: 2-1-11


1. Praeludium
2. All that remains
3. 1405 A.D.
4. Midwinter
5. Your tree
6. Darkness
7. Nornengesang
8. My rescue
9. Burning star
10. Ode to oblivion
11. Wayfarer

Out of Switzerland, Caladmor brings us their full-length debut 'Midwinter'. Formerly known as Pale, their style is folk/gothic/power metal and they're female fronted (by Barbara "Babs" Braward), but there are some "beast" vocals and labeling them a "beauty and the beast" band would certainly be accurate, though Barbara definitely dominates the vocal department.

This band is quite similar to other bands I have, and I'd say that they fit somewhere in the group that contains Asynja, Tverd, Kalevala, Almora, Midnattsol, Mena Brinno, Alkonost, Bel o Kan, Fearlight, Dalriada (and Echo of Dalriada), Cruachan, Hildr Valkyrie and Orkrist. Some of these bands are more aggressive than others (with more "beast" vocals too), and that's kinda how this CD is - there are aggressive moments (both musically and vocally), but most of the songs are fairly standard folk/gothic metal and the band surely isn't inventing a genre, but instead are keeping an established genre going.

Simply put, all of the songs on this CD are in the range of good/solid to great/strong. There are some nice melodies, some terrific vocal parts, and enough catchy moments. The highlight for me is probably track 7 "Nornengesang", but the songs are all really close in quality. Therefore, this is a satisfying CD for the style, and it's recommended if you're someone who regularly listens to the aforementioned bands.




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