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This portion will be used to inform you of these poems, decode them almost.

Also if you haven't guessed you can get to the acutal poem by clicking on the poem's name where ever you see it, down here or on the other page.

"My Everything: An Epic of Dave"

This is an poem dedicated to my very best friend David Michael Steirer. He is always there for me, stimulates my mind, and is just encouragment just to look at. In this there is a word, "stremph" This is mocking a Puff Daddy song we frequently listen to. At the end when mention's "tear drops shed" that is summing up all the times he's held my head on his shoulder and I bawled like a baby.

"The Non-Forgotten Member: Scott Odysessy"

Scott Paul Anderson is Dave's cousin and my second in command. He is definately the source of laughter in the group. Making his presence always known. He is interested in many a career but one is a psychiatrist. This is what I mean in the poem when I comment on his "counseling abilities". Scott has let go of "promises" from time to time due to lack of memory. But I do not condemn him for he is only human. Some people dislike Scott just by his appearence which is why I urge you to get to know him before juding. He is NOT ugly, but acts immature, you just need to get through all that. He is like me in a "self-doubting" stage which is why I added part that he will succeed undoubtedly.

"Quite the Choice: Fate shits on Nick again"

Though the title is harsh, it just never seems I can catch a break. Always in debt, low scores in school, etc. Now don't start emailing me telling me about how I can change. Because that is in progress right now and I realize my errors and have watched myself make them. Do not take pity, just understand. "disappointment reigned my life" is a phrase used in this poem. I was really really pudgy not that long ago. And being so, people treated my unjustly. "On this ledge I sit...Will end up killing me" Read more deeply into these comments. I am NOT suicidal, they are metaphorically speaking. I am stating that I might die on the inside.

"Wake-up Call"

This song is yet another dedicated to my friend Dave. The beginning "I'll say I remember...Looked in the backseat" summarizes how we met. My sister gave him and his sister a ride to school my sophmore year (his freshman year). I didn't think much of him from first site. But after awhile we became so close it's hard to view us apart our mention one name without the other. I openly pronounce my deep love for him and I'd die for him in a heartbeat. It meantions "best-est-est friend" which means he's my number one in command. I numerously mention his musical skills as they are so abundant and overwhelming. "My three selves" is quoted as me, myself, and I. Dave: Words, by themselves, cannot even compare to what I feel for you.

"Cracked Mirrors are no good"

This poem is very hateful and full of spite towards myself. One of my darkest hours indeed. What is meant by, "One day, advise your brats; Nah FUCK YOU" this hateful series of words means give your kids advice so they don't end up like me, but then I turn on the reader by saying don't waste your time. "Friends I have, two or three" that is meant true blue friends. Another note: How can I love others, when I don't love myself?

"Color of Depression"

Yet another bleak outlook on life. My favorite color is blue, yet it expressed itself as a scapegoat for depression. In this poem I also realize, life is so hard, on so many people. I know I don't have it as bad as others, yet I continue to wallow in my grief, why?

"An Ode to a Double"

Sam is a female friend who recently has had some troubles in life. Now she thinks these are worth ending her life over, I would have to differ with that. "As I look hypocrisy in the face..." I have more then once deliberated in taking my life; but in deliberating I realized I have so much more to do, I don't want to die, yet I still considered it. I gave her these words of advice after finding out such a thing: Life can be tough, sad, and piss you off. Just remember, before anything harsh is done, I'm only a phone call away.

"The Avid Couple"

Scott (as mentioned before)is in a relationship with a beautiful little sports buff, Michelle Heine. I don't know why, but it just seems that there is nothing on Earth that could possibly tear them apart from each other. A reference to Tae-Bo was made only for sake of an inside joke in which we constantly be-rate the founder. Part of my dear friend's, Scott's, annoying "semi-comical" antics is farting for which the phrase was coined, "Except that of when Scott farts." Lastly I will just comment, the relationship seems practically perfect in every way.

"Looking Forward"

This was written after I broke up with a girlfriend. It plainly expresses that the breakup not only hurt her, but me as well. But I chose to look forward and hopefully onto a better life as I hope she will realize is the only way. "Just never may, get over me..." I'm not being full of myself in this statement but simply saying that I know how much I meant her and how much it just may hurt. Break ups are never easy, not just for them(past girlfriends), but for me as well.

"Lost Lover's Beach"

Hawaii is a beautiful place, the beaches are magnanimous(great). This poem is dedicated to a lover yet to find his lover.

"Sugar on Air"

This poem is the prelude to the "maybe song" "When Angel's Cry". As you might notice, "When Angel's Cry" has a lot of lines copied from the prelude. This is about a lover who has had a hard life and cannot always express herself yet she opened up to me.

"When Angel's Cry"

Meant to be a song, yet never heard as one, these lines sum up the comforting felt, when easing pain, of a person hurt so much.

"Dancing with Desire"

Desire is lust and love together, in perfect respect. This is about an upcoming or possibly past dancing experience. I would like to undergo what is felt in my poem. Also in part, this is dedicated to a special person I had the pleasure of dancing with (when I learned how to swing dance).

"The end of life"

Lives can end so brutally and harsh. Although "him" was used, this poem is dedicated to all children lost in the massacre in the quaint town of Littleton, CO. Please people, look beyond the pronoun. "Trees sway....Forest fires burn.." This sums up the revolution of life. It gets destroyed but in some small measure is replaced. "The world itself is blown" Refers to the shocking news of what happened. "To watch it go by" refers to the soul passing by. "Don't just lay in bed" means you can't just suffer depression, you must bounce back onto your feet and start life on a new beat. "Not only in a mother's heart, But for all who've grown fond" states that not only the mothers are hurting from this, the entire world has been affected just by hearing the tragic story.

"One last thought"

Overwhelming tiredness is felt. You do not fear the darkside but live to love the light. Dieing can be a great thing. I think of it as moving on to watch over those whom you hold close.

"Love for my future"

Although future set uncertain, these poems I will recite. When I find my other half, these words will not even need to be spoken for they are so clearly self evident.

"At Ease"

The look of your love will send you into shock and you'll recover in his/her arms feeling better then ever before. But then you wake up with a cold sweat and crying realizing only a dream was felt.

"Meaning of Life"

Yes, I have figured it out. Believe what you will, but only 16 years of experience cracked this case. I was asked to write a speech on my thesis of the meaning of life. Unwittingly I hadn't the knowledge that this was basically just your view of life: politics, religion, etc.. So without that knowledge I actually searched for the meaning of life and I think I just may have got it.

"Open the Coffin"

I'm not ready to go, so much more to see, to do. I will SUCCEED, no matter what the struggle is. This is one of my happier poems in a sense where the revalation discovered is that I DO want to live and see how things will work out.

"The Pact"

My two best friends (Dave and Scott) made this pact that if I should die (mainly by my own hand in one of my hours of weakness) that they would follow closely behind. I am no longer a danger to myself and would like them to not follow after in the even I died. If I go, I do not so in vain. For tis sad, but would be more pain on me dead, if you two followed directly behind. "Tilted towards lopped" basically means that their heads are lop-sided and slanted. "If you both did bold" refers to killing yourselves to accompany me.


Don't Knock, till you've tried.

"Composure of skin"

Why must the world hate? Though the poem centers on white and black controversies. It was meant to stand out and proclaim, STOP PERSECUTION. At the end of the second stanza the word "fed" was used. This is meant to mean fed up. And the person in the third stanza is Martin Luther King Jr.

"Learned through time"

I need a break, to get myself gathered up. Rebounding girl to girl without a moment of pause leaves me vunerable and tender without learning the lesson of the last girl. "Joust...Tournament" was comparing life to a daily even of knights in shining armor and winning the glory

"Looking Glass"

This poem is meant to be viewed visually. Imagine zooming into a collideascope...seing all of the images...the guy in the tux...the girl in the wedding dress...honeymoon..their future..then imagine the collideascope getting foggy and zooming out. This summarizes that the future is uncertain. It's hard to even get a general plan because so many surprises can pop up.

"Missing Piece"

I gave myself time, It's sufficient for me. I think I've learned my lesson. No, I know I've learned my Lesson. She is so different from anybody else that it's so perfect for me. A change up I've desired For so long. I don't know what's ahead; I can only gauge I won't make the same mistakes twice. If I Do, no matter, for I will stick in this time and see everything through. No more running away, I don't even think I will have to run away.

"Facts and Questions"

It seems that ever since the birth of man, we have only learned technology. And if this technology goes too far, we will die(i.e. nuclear war). It also seems that we haven't changed one bit humanity wise. We're still the first come first serve bunch of apes we were in the beginning.

"What color are those drops?"

I do not know what triggered it but I had a nervous break down. With frequent problems blowing up in my face I couldn't hold in my rage. It was expressed through tears and words, this very poem is sealed with tears. I kept seeing images of various types of suicides flashing through my head. Oh well, the phrase, "my attic," is meant to mean my head.

"Settling Smoke"

These are thoughts that are very vivid and still embedded in my head. It seems I have lost the will to live. I must once again struggle to understand why I held/hold life so dear.

"Coming over"

Not too much to say about this one. A bit of decoding "fast....tree" is an example of a tree moving closer to the ground which correlates with you moving closer to me.

"Cloaked in Agony"

I have problems that seem intense to me. They keep revolving and hitting me in the face with no break. I'm used to it now, but I don't want to be forever. If I have to leave the world to stop the pain, I will. "stop..feast" refers to my death wouldn't mean anything, wouldn't disrupt dinner plans, etc.


"When..floor" refers to when I'm dead, inferring a shot to the head, falling to ground, etc. "now I'm late" refers to giving the climax at the story a twist. Making it all a dream. Then the alarm goes off, you awake but you're late.

"Lingering opinions"

During one "Nervous breakdown" visions of ways of dying popped into my head, I related those here.

"Lost proverb"

Meant to sound biblical, but I think I failed, I hope the point still got across.

"Highway Justice"

This is a character, semi-related to my own ideals. He doesn't value life all that much. These thoughts were given during a vision of a young man walking down a busy street after/during a rainfall.

"Always be mine"

I love you mom, more then words unfold. We have our times, good and bad, but my love will never cease.

"Grandeur Getaway Crash"

An imaginary trip flying away from all my problems. The last "stanza" is simulating a coal burning out.

"Soft Glance"

No notes but to explain a bit. "..Never throw a cork.." refers to a corkscrew kind of like; I always know how you feel when I look in your eyes.

"Oddly Enough"

After a recent excursion to Great America I realized that if you just say hi to someone, they will be nice to you back and possibly give you an extra couple of minutes on the ride. These circumstances flow out larger then this. If you say something to just one person you don't know, just one simple act of kindness, one day they may save your life.

"No future destroyed"

I get college letters by the handful. They are sending me info based on my exceptional Pre-SAT scores, and pre-ACT scores. But what they don't realize is that my letter grades aren't what they used to be. "USC laughs…" is referring to the University of Southern California. A college I long to go too.

"Question of Hate"

You are my sister, my one true sibling. You've been there for me. Have I not for you? Why do I anger you? So many questions…no answers at all.

"Longing for that time"

Once again another "nervous breakdown" left me with lingering thoughts of...

"Take a good look"

I like to see the good things in life; they please me to spot, so I try to do this as often as I can.


I Tell my friends all of my life, leave no parts out. What Do I get? The reverse, nil do I hear of their triumphant victories or defeats, thanks a lot "group".


Dave, Scott, and I, Founders of the "clique". Since then many a new member has joined. Seems I am forgotten as I sit by my idle phone.


I made a promise, or so I've heard. I broke it. The only promise ever broken. It was wrong and shouldn't have happened but it did and I apologize with all my heart, please forgive.

"Understanding the outskirts"

I am in the same boat as you used to be in. Nobody calls; hardly a word is spoken. I feel so lonely.


"darts" -> refers to little problems. But getting hit with many darts just could kill you. "love and success" refers to Dave and Scott. Scott has his girlfriend (not an UN-noble cause) and Dave has his musical genius to concentrate on.

"Question of Love"

The sequel to "Question of Hate". My relationship with my sister truly is a love/hate one.

"Mother Dearest"

Our constant fights are getting very annoying.

"My weak spot"

When we fight it hurts more then anything. IT seems everything I say or do when we fight enrages you more. But that is my response to the annoyances I receive from you.

"Blank paper"

Some people like my poetry and think that they cannot write it themselves. But some words of inspiration are that if I can do it, you can too.


The mood struck me some day to brighten my perspective on life before it falls apart completely. So here are remnants of that lingering good day.

"My Crimson world"

I am stuck in depression. The giant "depression rock" has fallen upon me, I can't move it. I can't get up.

"Insinuating Responsibility"

I guess I'm and under cherished person..i can deal with it can you?

"Pieces of my grim life"

I guess I can't enjoy my adolescence, I shall just be rushed to adulthood. Oh well.

"Where were you?"

"I see all of the flies…" refers to the flies above my rotting corpse

"Death, by love"

"sexy cow" à term used by my ex girlfriend to describe me, go figure? The rest is self-Explanatory.


God knows this boy's only desire. So he sends down a miracle of nature, to come and take him away (the miracle is a tornado if you haven't figured it out yet). I tried to be very descriptive on this one, so when done reading it, try closing your eyes and using your imagination.


I can be very swayed, even to hatred, on one issue. Hitler and the holocaust. Though it can never be fully understood unless you were there. I can imagine and it's a dream I wish I could forget. I see all of the torture, the fright, the courageousness of some people even though it does no good. So if I seem a bit one sided on this topic that would be because I hate very few people in this life of mine, and I can never forgive Hitler.

"Repenting II"

As I try to comprehend what the "Jews" and other sufferers of the holocaust did that was so wrong as to merit a death sentence I find no answers. Then the blame inside switches to those who watched the whole incident without ever doing a thing. Not one thing to help out those in need, those who had no hope what so ever.

"Normal Raid in Krakow"

So many emotions must run through your heads when you know you're going to die very soon.

"Message to my generation"

"Walk with you.." means we struggle through dark and despair filled times as is, we fight for no label (Generation X), we wish to just be seen for who we are, but you're messing it all up! "lying there and wet" is the insinuation of I hope all you miserable little buggers who think this is funny or even more, the ones who cause these great pains, watch yourself bleed and die.

"Know the way to a woman's heart"

So many men, clueless, just follow the guidelines, no longer live in stupidity.

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