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About LyNxMy mascot the lynx

"Lingering opinions"

DATE: 5/6/99

A car swerves to the right
It hits you head on
You die instantly
Leaving no loved ones behind

Chop up the pills
Make a fine grain
A soup of misery
Will end all your pain

The chamber revolves
The hammer, it clicks
Skin blows out the sides
Blood flows, your heart stops its tick

Slowly move the utensil
Sharpened, splits a fine hair
Vertical lines cut through toughness
My life, has no more flare

The worst way to die
By far and the most
Is of self hatred
'Member that when you see my ghost

If you would like to use one of these, I have no problems whatsoever. Just throw some credit my way and email me to notify me, Thanks.