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About LyNxMy mascot the lynx

"Highway Justice"

DATE: 5/7/99

No one special
Is who he is
He hasn't the best life
His pop doesn't fizz
He hasn't the worst life
Many more have it worse
But it just seems
He's under a curse
Like the days of old
With wizards and witches
His luck runs thin
The wind, it catches
Blows off his hat
Walks it through the mud
He goes to retrieve it
Slips, falls, sees blood
His head is now leaking
The sudden rain mixes in
He's holding his wound
As the red water falls
Headlights behind him seem dim
A bright lights flashes
Memories appear
Then strolls down the white lane
His life lost, he didn't care

If you would like to use one of these, I have no problems whatsoever. Just throw some credit my way and email me to notify me, Thanks.