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"Composure of skin"

DATE: 4/28/99

Overwhelming grief concerns me
The death of a boy
What deeper mystifies me
Was that boy had joy
He hadn't lived his life
He was just a child
But we took his life away
Hatred gone farther than mild
What did he do,
To deserve such a fate?
Is the color of skin
That much, a debate?

There was a young girl
Of the age of only six
She had it tough
Some "whites" think they had a quick fix
She was jumping some rope
Her skin, too dark a tan
When up to her they drove
She saw them and ran
They caught up quick
Then they beat her dead
She did them no wrong
For this, I confess I'm fed

There was a mighty man
We now celebrate his day
He spoke with such peace
And oh, by the way
He was fighting persecution
Mistreatment, CIVIL RIGHTS
What was wrong with that?
Why must white;
Always fight black?

I believe in harmony
Ying and yang as one
Why can't they see it my way?
Why always shed blood?

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