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About LyNxMy mascot the lynx

"The Non-Forgotten Member: Scott Odyssey"

Date: 4/11/99

Laughter shared
Good times spent
Been with me
Without a doubt
Through times I wish not even to comment
A bright, bold smile gleams all around
Lifts me up in times of need
Counsels in times of crisis
An opinion with endless trust
Not a thing you could tell me
Would make me lose faith
Outgoing and smart
Although not always appeared
More to see on the inside
Open the book and read
It's easy to hate
Yet easier to love
Unwitting a success
For charisma proves him so
Has talent beyond the start
If he wishes to show
Compassion fills the room
When he is there
Letting darkness fly quite by
You mean so much to me
I hope you know this well
I cherish all time spent with you
Memories of a lifetime

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