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About LyNxMy mascot the lynx

This portion will be used to inform you of these poems, decode them almost.

Also if you haven't guessed you can get to the acutal poem by clicking on the poem's name where ever you see it, down here or on the other page.

"Live to love"

This poem was written in regards to a book read called, "Brave New World." It is about a culture that is mechanically produced and has no physical attachments to anybody at all.

"Resilient Mirror"

Life can look different, choose your perspective, but careful the choice to see the downside. Also a note to all those who feel I wasn't descriptive enough. This is about a reflection in a clean and pure river running in the middle of a quiet peaceful forest.

"Real Courage: Surviving"

I stand by the fact that I am afraid of nothing. I look challenges in the eye and face them head on. Pain may hurt but can always be dealed with.


A painful mood has me asking so many questions.

"Gleaming Ahead"

A variety of things keep me up at night. Some of the topics things I can rightfully worry about, the other a bucket of despair.


I find myself in a sleepless daze. Not awake and not of stable mind.

"Soul Mate"

I search and try to find my one. I have come close, but only found friendship. I wish this whole process could be just a little bit easier.

"Rambling rhythms"

This was made around the time I decided that break-up with my girlfriend Kat was a must. When the part "Never does it seem just" comes around it means it doesn't seem fair to them, to do that to them.

"where a mind should be"

reprieve meaning waste of time, false hope

"Floating By"

This is the day of my birth, July 11th. Why does it matter that I'm a year older? What's important is that I'm a year wiser. So many birthdays will pass and soon I shall pass away, just like the like the next guy/gal.

"She's Back"

My bestestest friend fell in love with this lady. She moved away and took his heart with her. She was gone for awhile. He was just starting to get his life back on track. Then, she returns and all runs amok.

"Quoth Myself"

After I was inspired by an excellent book called, Tuesday's with morrie, I was overwhelmed. It didn't really hit me that not all of us were living our lives how we REALLY want them. This is just a guide so hopefully more people can live on better principles, not the ones society created.

"Father of Mine"

I was just recently reminded of a song by Everclear. It states, "Father of Mine, tell me where have you been". There's a question that I would like to have answered. That, and why...

"could it be?"

Well? Could it be?

"Happy Tears"

Allie, you gave my life back the meaning that I lost awhile ago. I owe everything to you. Thanks.

If you would like to use one of these, I have no problems whatsoever. Just throw some credit my way and email me to notify me, Thanks.