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About LyNxMy mascot the lynx

"Cracked Mirrors are no good"

Date: 4/14/99

I look in the mirror, I see nothing new
Hatred built up, what's it to you?
So I don't like myself, or who I'm gonna be
I'm destined for failure, wait around and see
I'll be the guy, serving fries to all of your kids
Super Size with that? Just try to put on a lid.
The lid to my emotions, ranging all the way
Anger, self doubt, hatred: never seems I may
Get away from it all, I am SOO Screwed
One day advice your brats; Nah, FUCK YOU
I'm sick of thinking of my future, wasted minutes through out time
Makes no difference though, When I'm homeless please just offer me a dime
People look at me, sometimes say I'm hot
I give a new meaning to the word pretty boy, since pretty I am not
Though I dress to please, it never seems to work
Compliments a plenty, they're as useful as a broken spork
Look deep inside, you just might see
Why self-doubt, bitter loneliness: engage upon me
Friends I have, two or three
Don't understand, why they don't just abandon me
One day I'll crack, for this I'm confident
When I look in that mirror, I will get bent
A mystery engulfs, as to why
When I turn for comfort, I sharpen a knife
All the time, I let out a distant plea
Somebody help, somebody save me

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