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About LyNxMy mascot the lynx

"My weak spot"

DATE: 5/17/99

Why do you strike to hurt?
Because it seems to work
My heart - for long
Has no more torque
I hate to raise my voice
Though often seems I must
Seems you ALWAYS yell
Whenever we discuss
Just stop talking
Before I enrage you more
With my warped and strange attitude
Your words eat at me like a lion eats a boor
Trivial quips
Blow to the first degree
I try to run away
I try to flee
You won't let me go
But to heal from your words, I must
Let me run from you
Leave this antiquity, from ever you to dust

If you would like to use one of these, I have no problems whatsoever. Just throw some credit my way and email me to notify me, Thanks.