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About LyNxMy mascot the lynx

"An Ode to a Double"

Date: 4/22/99

As I look hypocrisy in the face
A revolution, my pain
For woo a time-honored friend
Would give herself in main
Though only dreamt of death
It often was discussed
I no longer feel such needs
It is very likely that I must
For I am here to set things straight
My words will shine and glow
Do not do that thing
Do not sink that low
Things may seem bad
Worse, and worse, and worse
But I will be here for you
Eternally to nurse
Get you through your tough times
Things won't seem so bad
I'll be at your back, watching over you
Whenever you get mad
I look at you, I see myself
Same problems and mysteries aflame
I can understand you
Hope I don't sound lame
So Sam, I am here for you
Just holler when you need
Do not turn to the knife
You can ALWAYS count on me

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