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About LyNxMy mascot the lynx

"Wake-up Call"

Date: 4/14/99

I'll say I remember, the very first day
Looked in the backseat, and you before me
Though it seems all worked out, I don't think you see
Praise from you, is like sunshine above
Talking with you, phrases put so delicately
Your music, your talent, your gift from above
A window to your heart, never let it shut
You're my best-est-est friend; you'll always be mind
From the depths of the earth, to the deepest divide
Oh, I love you, in that friendly sort of way
Not as lovers do, for it seems more precious and pure
We connected nearly right away; to this day we can't be apart
Fickle friends may come and go
But my three selves are here till we go….
On a daily basis, interests grow
Will he succeed? Never a doubt in this small brain I have
Though I envy all your precious gifts, resent you I do not
They fit you, so perfectly
Dave without guitar, is just...not

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