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About LyNxMy mascot the lynx

"Facts and Questions"

DATE: 5/1/99

A star twinkles bright
A planet revolves
What have we done?
Have we even evolved?
Technology yes
A maybe at most
What about humanity?
Not too many can boast
We still hunt to kill
Not always animals
Sometimes young children
Like Little Larry, or Bill
Knowledge they say
Can't hurt you at'll
But what happens when
You have killed us all?
Air is polluted
If even it survives
For we cut down trees
With big mechanical knives
We fight over nothing
At least that's what it seems
Is there a good cause of war?
What would you deem?
Have we lost all hope?
Or invest in it too much?
Will my kids believe in God?
Or be able to touch?

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