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About LyNxMy mascot the lynx

"Cloaked in Agony"

DATE: 5/5/99

I live in the age of confusion
Modern day problems and vices
My life revolves in a circle
To break out it seems I must slice
That would be a change
To me at least
Not sure of the world anymore
The rest would not stop their feast
The loss of my life insignificant to all
For no life I can think of
I've touched, I crawl
I crawl through life
Just getting by
On what lord has given to me
It's not much, I want to cry
I do that sometimes
Cuz life has beat me
At such an early age
It's hard for me to feel glee
So when I go
Quietly I will
For no one to notice
Why change things, I'm nil

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