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"My Everything: An Epic of Dave"

Date: 4/11/99

As I lay in bed
Thinking 'bout all
Wrong and right
Your face flashes up above
My one true companion
And giver of all
You give me joy
You give me hope
You give me stremph to go on
My life's not easy
Although it may seem
Hidden cracks
Sealed with pain
Sometimes unleashing at full strength
Your presence comforts me
It makes me see
That if only I had,
One backer in life
It should all turn out well
Although I may have my doubts
Bout this life of mine
I am sure of this one thing
Your every breath, one single word
Every teardrop shed
I love you more then life itself
Knowing that you're out there makes me grin
Turns a smile upon my face
Yet crashes down with tears of joy
You're the one best thing
Left standing in my life

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