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About LyNxMy mascot the lynx

"What color are those drops?"

DATE: 5/3/99

Tears have fallen
Love has been lost
What am I doing here?
And at what cost?
I sad feeling overwhelms me
I don't know why
It is just everything
All of the lies
Lies happen as often as they do
You're going to make it
You're going to be someone important
Why is the light in my attic not lit?
I think I want to die
It's a hard fact to face
But I will not deny
For a bullet I would embrace
I have given up on life
It can only do me harm
I don't think I like it
It has no more charm
So farewell to all
As the dagger I unsheathe
Into the darkness goes I
Good job life, for you have me beat

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