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"Color of Depression"

Date: 4/20/99

Through the bleakness, shines my hope
My salvation, in a sense
What will save my sorrowed soul?
The future, it grows dense
As fog and rain consume my life
Destiny runs into action
Although no good will come of it
Hope is all, and yet, is none
I have learned a lesson
Hard and true
Do not try, do not hope
You must be blue
For blue sparkles as my personality
With all its doubt and gloom
Comforts me, so I know, this is life
Reality, A full spectrum, concentrating on doom
A roller coaster is suppose to be fun
But what if you've had too much?
Can I make this endless pain?
Disappear and all the such
I search my mind, I strain my brain
Yet no answers to be found
I know I should be happy
For all things given to me
People in much more sorrow then I
Get over it with lots of glee
Life may disappoint me, even let me down
But the hardest thing, I'll ever do, is try to turn my frown

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