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LAST UPDATED Saturday, July 21, 2018
6:46 AM Eastern Time

With the arrival of Windows 10 This site has become like a Tomb.

This is my first update in several years.
I use Windows 10 Pro now.
A lot of stuff here was for WebTV and Windows XP.
Very out of date.

I was going to delete this old site but many people still link to many of the old tutorials I wrote.

My Index Page

"Surfing The Internet Is Like Raiding A Tomb" TM

Webtv Stuff

Click on one of the color buttons below to change the background color of this page if you are viewing it with a Webtv & the blue text is hard to read.

  1. My Webtv Scrapbook Uploader & Morfeen Source/Image/Sound Viewer/Uploader/Transloader
  2. Webtv Domania Source Viewer
  3. WebTv Friendly Picture Frames
  4. Background Tester & HTML Testbed Page
  5. GIF TOOLS - Change TIFF & BMP To JPEG With Webtv
  6. Webtv ALT Key Tricks
  7. How To Bounce An Email With Webtv
  8. Webtv Special Keyboard Characters
  9. Webtv Javascript Bug Alert Code
  10. Lycos Multimedia Search
  11. Opening Webtv Email Attachments
  12. How To Make Webtv Friendly Octet-stream Attachments

Computer Stuff

  1. Windows 98 SE Printing Help Page
  2. 3 1/2" Floppy A: Help Page
  3. Adding Fonts To Your Computer Tutorial
  4. Free Virus Checkers here
  5. Setting The Adult Content Advisor
  6. How To Increase Your "RAM" FREE (Virtual Memory)
  7. Resizing Images And Text
  8. Restoring The "File Open" Function
  9. Deleting History & Defragmenting Help Page
  10. Making Outlook Express Email Signatures With Images Added
  11. How To Shut Off The, "Preview Pane" In Outlook Express
  12. Adding A New Mail Notification Sound To Outlook Express
  13. How To Block Senders In Outlook Express Email
  14. Changing The Windows XP Interface To The Classic Windows Interface
  15. Staying Connected Forever
  16. Special Keyboard Characters - (ISO 8859-1)

  17. Making Self-Contained HTML Documents
  18. Autostarting An HTML Document on a CD
  19. Virus Alert & Free Virus Scanning Page - Updated September-28,2005
  20. Scroll-mouse Trick
  21. IE Visual Effects
  22. How To Remove Windows Messenger & MSN Messenger
  23. How To Make Screen Shots
  24. Feedback Form For Making Microsoft Products Better
  25. Lots of Free Icons
  26. Download Icons Download 2962 Icons (.ico files) Here. - 2.3 MBs ZIP File - Unzips to around 11.5 MBs
  27. IconEdit 32 - Freeware Icon Maker
  28. Showing or Hiding Icons in the Taskbar by the Clock - XP PRO
  29. Scandisk In XP Pro
  30. Trouble Shooting XP (Excellent Website - Try it)
  31. Removing The Documents Link From The Startup Menu In XP
  32. Windows XP Service Settings
  33. Windows XP Power Toys - Find TweakUI Here
  34. Stopping QuickTime From High-jacking MIDI Files
  35. Removing The Colored BG From Desktop Icon Labels
  36. *Iconoid* - Removing The Colored BG From Desktop Icon Labels Plus Changing The Icon Label TEXT COLOR
  37. Deleting The "Links" Folder From Favorites
  38. Fixing Screen Flicker Link
  39. Windows Paint Tutorial --- Added 2-18-2006
  40. Program To Find Windows Hotfixes Installed On Your Computer Freeware --- Added 3-3-2006
  41. Make Yahoo Mail Your Default Email Program Added 3-23-2006
  42. Make Logging In Easier At Yahoo Mail - RoboForm Added 3-23-2006

Codes To Copy

  1. How To Add A New Cursor To Your Page Using CSS
  2. Some Codes To Copy & Use On Your Website - Updated 1/1/2006
  3. Making Text Backgrounds With CSS & Javascript
  4. Making A "Go To" Form


  1. Harley Hahn's Master List Of UseNet News Groups
  2. Free Tools & Stuff For Websites
  3. - Lots of HTML help
  4. Spinwave - Image Cruncher
  5. GifWorks - (.gif only - Crop Animated GIFs Too)
  6. - (.gif & .jpg files)
  7. ImageMagick Studio
  8. Play Chess Here
  9. dbPoweramp Music Converter (Convert .cda to .mp3, .ra, .wma, .wav)
  10. FREE Popup Killer
  11. FREE Popup Killer 2
  12. Download  DOWNLOAD - FREE Registry Cleaner - Zip File
  13. Window Washer
  14. Troublesome Programs
  15. Ad-Aware - Removes Spyware
  16. CookieWall - Manage Your Cookies
  17. Batch Thumbs - Make Thumbnails
  18. Submit Your Website To Lots Of Search Engines Free
  19. - Free Color Finder Tool
  20. Download Java Software From Sun Microsystems

    If you have trouble downloading & installing Java turn off your AntiVirus program & Firewall until you are done & then turn them back on.

  21. Download Avast Free AntiVirus Software

    Turn off System Restore while using an AntiVirus program.

    See This Page - - about shutting off System Restore

  23. Information on using sfc /scannow Run Command to fix Windows files
  24. Direct download for Cam Studio 2.0 - Capture screen as .avi or .swf
  25. Cam Studio is found here in Tiny Apps Org
  26. Cam Studio is OK.
    But Wink is Much Better for making presentations.
  27. - Check for memory upgrades,ETC, ,,,
  28. - Find newest & old versions of programs here... Good stuff...
  29. BHODEMON -Browser Helper Objects Handler Program
  31. Online Notepad ~ July 10, 2010
  32. Online PDF Utility ~ July 3, 2010 ~ The Notepad and this PDF Utility are Usually needed when using a computer in a Public Library
  33. Online Source Viewers ~ Some libraries have View Source disabled

Other Stuff

  1. Download zPaint 1.4 Download zPaint 1.4 - {282 KBs}

  2. Download sTile 99 Download sTile 99 - Version 2.6 - {808 KBs}

  3. BBC News
  4. Search Google News
  5. BBC Radio
  6. Movies
  7. Tarot Readings
  8. ZEN Experience Here
  9. Test Adobe Shockwave and Flash Players here
  10. Test Java Runtime Environment here





    NORML - Added April 2,2006

  15. NORML FAQs

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