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Vanishing Buildings

606 Horseshoe Lounge (Paradise Valley)
Brewster Projects
Bricked Up Building
Broderick Tower
Brush Park
Cadillac Hotel
Cass Tech High School
Chin Tiki Restaurant
Chungs Cantonese Restaurant
Cobo Arena
Detroit at Night
Detroit Building (Park Avenue Area)
Detroit Decline (Story from Russell Kirk)
Detroit Memories List
Detroit Postcards
Dodge Main Parking Lot
Dom Polski Hall
Dry Cleaners (Downtown)
E-Zone Hotel (or is it a church?)
E-Zone Tour
E-Zone Tour 2
E-Zone Strip Malls
Eastown Theatre
Fine Arts Theatre (and Adams Theatre)
Fire in the E-Zone
Ford World Headquarters (and Model T Plant)
Fort Shelby Hotel
Free Press Building
GAR Building
Grande Ballroom
Grand River Castle
Greater Detroit Hospital
Hanley Street (in Hamtramck)
Highland Park Theatre
Hudson's Department Store
Jeffries Projects
Joe Muers Restaurant
Kales Building
Kinsel's Drug Store (and others)
Lafayette Building
Lee Plaza
Lee Plaza info sent to FBI (et al)
Mack Building
Madison Lenox Hotel
Madison Theatre
MCS (Michigan Central Station)
Metropolitan Building
Michigan Avenue
Michigan Theatre
Moose Lodge
Mother's Bar
National Theatre
Old City Hall
Olde Building
Old Gas Stations
Olympia Stadium
Packard Plant
Peterboro Ruin
Pizza Factory
Ponchartrain Hotel (Then & Now)
RETS School
Riverfront Warehouse
Russell Industrial Center
Sears Department Store (Highland Park)
Statler Hotel
Stroh Brewery (and Brewery Park)
Studebaker Plant
Tiger Stadium
Tuller Hotel
United Artists Theatre
Van Dyke Theatre
Vernors Ginger Ale
Wayne State (Old Housing)
Whitney Building
Whittier Hotel
Wolverine Hotel