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Just when I'd thought the Heidelberg Project had been completely plowed down, low and behold, here it is on Heidelberg Street, just west of Mt. Elliott. Anyone know the address of this house?
"Inspiring, infuriating, thought provoking - Tyree Guyton's Heidelberg Project is a swirl of colors and controversy..." a quote from his web site.
Where houses once stood on Heidelberg Street has turned into an art museum of sorts...
A creative reuse for car hoods on what would have otherwise been a vacant field...
The legendary Polka Dot house on Heidelberg Street. This is a fully functional house and people live here.
Another angle of the legendary Polka Dot house...
A splash of color on an otherwise dreary Winter day...
Where does Guyton find all this stuff?
This collection of automobile hoods looks like an auto graveyard.
The Hose House.
A bus left over from the Heidelberg Project near Chene Street.
The now famous Heidelberg Garbage Truck as seen on Grand River.
The Heidelberg Strip Mall on Chene Street.

Heidelberg Project