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Old City Hall. Palma D. wrote in an e-mail: If memory serves me right this building was torn down in the late 50s. It had been empty while being decided who would get the contract to bring it up to modern standards. My husband and I liked to take evening rides around Detroit just to pass the time. One evening we saw a lot of commotion around the building so we kept driving around the building so we could watch. There was no where to park so had to keep moving. We did stop and watch as the first wrecking ball hit the northeast corner of the building. We were in awe. Then a policeman came up to us and told us to leave the area. The next day all hell broke loose in Detroit because there was no order to have that building demolished. It was too late because that wrecking ball did too much damage to ever repair.
Old City Hall and others that no longer exist. Click the pic for a LARGER version. Thanx to Shorpy for this pic.
Old City Hall was razed in 1962. Click the pic for a LARGER version..

Old City Hall