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A handy map of the Empowerment Zone.
I tried to restore this Empowerment Zone house and the City bulldozed it. I had about $20,000 into the house and boy did I take a bath on this one. The house had electricity and was very well boarded-up. Drug dealers kept breaking in and stealing my tools and used it as a crack dealing house. The neighbors and I rid the property of the dealers, and I was commencing with repairs, only to arrive at this pile of rubble.
The House 5 doors down from where my house WAS. This house is still standing to this very day.
This house is way beyond repair.
What would have seriously been one of the Empowerment Zone's finest was the house in which I resided. It was trashed by a drug gang of high school drop outs who claimed I stole their dope. (I wish I would've stole their dope, at least then I'd have gotten something out of the deal).
One of the Empowerment Zone's finest, located on one acre of prime pheasant area!
The Implosion of Howard Johnson's. Thanx to for this pic!!
A house seen from Mack Avenue. There ya go, another bunch of damn dots!!
A house near Davison and Buffalo.
The E-Zone Food 'n' Munch has bit the dust.
Here's the E-Zone re-cycling plant.
This beauty is in Corktown, Yes, Corktown is in the E-Zone.
Another E-Zone shell shocker!!
Bricked-up buildings are quite common in the E-Zone.
Two shots of an E-Zone house from D-Day.
Another angle.

Empowerment Zone (Part 1)