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NEW! Downtown from Windsor
NEW! Ren Cen from Windsor
NEW! Downtown from Windsor
NEW! Downtown at Night
NEW! Downtown at Night
NEW! Downtown from Belle Isle
Abe's on Lincoln
Sojouner of Truth Projects
Buddys Pizza
Buddys Pizza 2
Buddys Pizza Next Door
Elmwood Cemetery Gates
New Center 3
New Center 4
New Center 5
Piquette Meat Mkt 4
Fleming Motors
Park Place and Book Tower
Cad Tower Mural 3
Penobscot 8
CAY Municipal Ctr.
Dog in Window
Peter Smith and Sons
Cad Billboard
Bagley & Clifford
Industrial Bldg.
Pingree Statue
Temple Bar
Temple Houses
Temple Hotel
Apartment on Temple 1
Woodward Bldg Restored 2
Woodward Bldg Restored 3
Pierce Bldg.
Studebaker 3
Russell Industrial 2
Town Apartments
Continental Bakery
Pilgrim Church
Hotel Ansonia
Postcard from Belle Isle
Promised Land Missionary Baptist Church
D-Day's Favorite Church
Precision Auto Service
Gamalski Hardware
Walker Brewery
McDonald's Original Arches
Dept. of Human Services
St. Elizabeth Church
Canfield Towing
Resurrection Promise 2
Madison & John R Building
Garfield Building
WSU Eugene Applebaum Bldg.
1st National Bank Bldg.
Majestic Theatre
Fine Things
Historic Trinity 3
Chene Ferry Market Front
Chene Ferry Market Full
Detroit Mill Supply
Ferry St. Beauty
Ferry St. Restoration
Grand River Church 3
Misc Bldg on Woodward
Metropolitan United Methodist Church on Woodward
Our Lady of the Rosary Church on Woodward 2
Our Lady of the Rosary Church on Woodward 2a
Boarded-Up Church 3
Boarded-Up Church 4
Harbor Light
Hotel Melrose
Hotel Melrose 2
Highland Park State Bank
Admiral Theatre
Statue on 1st National Bank Bldg.