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A nice clear view of the Statler Hotel, built in 1913 and closed since 1973.
The Statler Hotel poised and ready for re-hab in time for the Super Bowl, so lets hurry up and tear it down...
The Lansing versions of the Statler Hotel. The building on the left is the Washington Square Building, and the one on the right is the former Olds Hotel, which is now called the George W. Romney Building and was recently converted into the offices for the Governor.
The Statler with the People Mover moving alongside, as seen from the ghastly Tuller Hotel hole.
The Statler recently had an environmental clean-up, as evidenced by this path gouged into its side.
The Statler as seen from Park Avenue.
An old postcard scan of the Statler.
More of the Statler Hotel. Some of the cheesy awnings fell-off. The Whitney Building is seen on the left.
The rear of the Statler Hotel.
Another shot of the Statler Hotel.
The tattered awnings of the Statler Hotel.
A shot of the Statler Hotel from Grand Circus Park.
The back of the Statler Hotel.
The torn and tattered faux window covers that were installed prior to the 1988 democratic convention. The $70,000 they spent on this would've been more wisely spent on new windows.
The Washington Ave. side of the Statler Hotel. The cheesy awnings have held-up pretty well. Click here to visit DK's wonderful Detroit website which features interior photos and a full history of the Statler.
The Statler from Comercia Park.

Statler Hotel