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The Michigan Central Station. Click here for a LARGE view.
An old postcard of the Michigan Central Station. Click here for a LARGE view.
The Empty ruins of the Michigan Central Station MAY be restored into the regional HQ for the Homeland Defense Department or the International Trade Procesing Center. The Mercury Bar, which is pictured in the foreground, may also breathe new life, as well as other establishments in the area. The neighboring Albert Kahn designed post office will become its parking structure.
  • The sign states: Michigan Central Depot
  • International Trade Processing Center
  • Owner: Detroit International Bridge Co.
  • Owner's Representatives: Kimley+Horn & Assoc.
  • Architect: Macintosh Poris
  • General Contractor: Storen and Lewis
  • Thanx to kbkav from the Forum!
  • Here's Detroits active but never crowded Train Station.
    A distant shot of the Michigan Central Station. You can see the abandoned Albert Kahn designed Post Office to the right.
    A shot of the back of the station. The 500,000-sf station was designed by Warren and Wetmore, who also designed the Grand Central Station in New York
    A shot of the front door.
    A building next door being torn down to make room for a parking lot.
    An aerial view of the building that is being levelled.
    The old Roosevelt Hotel adjacent to the Michigan Central Station. It was used as a men's homeless shelter until a 1998 fire gutted the building.
    A side view of the Michigan Central Station. Click here for a LARGE view.
    A close up of the side of the Michigan Central Station.

    Michigan Central Station