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Stay the night at the lovely E-Zone Hotel. Bring your own half-pint, crack-pipe, and can of RAID!!
The former Grand Quarters Club on 3075 E Grand Blvd. was once the Duplex Theater from 1915-1922.
Cheap Charlies on Gratiot.
An old warehouse near Eastern Market.
The Atlas Furniture Warehouse on Gratiot.
Another old warehouse, this time it's John F. Ivory Bros.
Detroit City Airport. Talk has been floating around about its demolition.
Another angle of Detroit City Airport.
Stay the night at the fabulous City Airport Motel.
Bathed in sunlight is this ornate building near City Airport.
An abandoned apartment near City Airport.
Ivan Doverspike Co. on Conner is an active industrial complex.
The Empowerment Zone is full of historical gas stations, but wait, this has been converted into an auto repair facility!
Another old gas station on Mt. Elliot.
A couple of old but highly restorable houses on Trumbull.
The Schvitz Bathhouse on 8295 Oakland at Melbourne. This is one of the few viable businesses on Oakland, with the exception of various churches and party stores. Originally the "Oakland Bath House". It is one of the oldest steam clubs still open in the U.S. and was a hang out for the Purple gang. If you were to call there they would be glad to give you some history... There was just an article about it in the Jewish news about a month or two ago. (Thanx to JYogi for most of this info!) Click the picture for more Schvitz history.
Let's get some shopping done; on second thought...
Now, how did this lovely building end-up in the E-Zone?
An abandoned house that doubles as a pheasant coop.
Now this looks like a nice friendly place to take the kids.
A boarded, bricked-up office.
This gem is on Mt. Elliott.

Empowerment Zone (Part 2)