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Hamtramck Pix

7 Brother's Bar
American Axle Plant
Americana Music Studio
American / European Market
Amicci's Pizza
Apartments (repaired)
Attic Bar
Bank of Commerce
Dickinson East & West Elementary Schools
Dodge Main Parking Lot
Dom Polski Hall
Genies Wienies
Golden Hill Chop Suey
Hamtramck Athletic Club
Hamtramck Back Yard
Hamtramck Bank
Hamtramck Bars
Hamtramck City Hall
Hamtramck Clock Restaurant
Hamtramck Commor Building / Polish Market
Hamtramck Contrast
Hamtramck Earth Center
Hamtramck Disneyland
Hamtramck Funeral Parlor
Hamtramck Furniture Warehouse
Hamtramck High School
Hamtramck House Contrast
Hamtramck Loft
Hamtramck Parade (Labor Day)
Hamtramck Postcard
Hamtramck Post Office
Hamtramck Public Library
Hamtramck Restaurants
Hamtramck Ruins
Hamtramck Schools Horizon
Hamtramck Street View
Hamtramck Shopping District
Hamtramck Tornado
Hamtramck (Campau) Tower Hamburgers
Hamtramck Tour 12-12-2001
Hamtramck Wailing Wall
Holbrook Cafe
Holbrook Elementary School
Immaculate Conception Church
Keyworth Stadium
Kosciuszko Middle School
Kowalski Sausage Plant
Kresge Store (former)
Krot Funeral Home
Maine Street Restaurant
Mural of Poland in Pope Park
Mother's Bar
New Deluxe Bakery
New Palace Bakery
Norwalk Bar
Old Mill Hall
Old Hamtramck Picture
Our Lady Queen of Apostles Church
Outer Limits Lounge
Papal Monument
Pentecostal Church
Planet Ant Theatre
Polish Art Center
Polonia Restaurant
Post 1 P.L.A.V
Pulaski Park
Rainbow over the Rainbow
Rallys (AKA Checkers)
St. Andrews Ukrainian Church
St. Florian Church
St. Ladislaus Church
Sunset Cafe
Tau Beta Community House
Ukrainian American Museum Library
Ukrainian Workers Home
Veteran's Memorial Park
Welcome to Hamtramck

Homeless Hamtramck Pix

Record Graveyard
Small's Bar
Whiskey in the Jar, et al
Citizen Bldg.
12042 Campau 1
12042 Campau 2
Stolen Car
Old House 2 at Night
Dudek Foods
Origin of a Parking Lot
Empty Bldg
Hamtown Yuppie House
Hamtown Lions
Hamtown Police Dept.
Old House 2
Hamtown Burnt House
Hamtown Grant Bldg.
Day's Fashion
Nortown Bakery
Caniff Campau Corner
Florians Cleaners
Amer Axle 2
Miron's Grocery
Hamtown Dept. of Public Works
Art-Deco Chiropractic Clinic
John Paul 2 Bookstore
Lush Art Work
Ford Hospital Clinic
Empty Store
Senior Daytime Center
Updated Stores
Bank of Commerce
Boarded-Up Garage
Boarded-Up Party Store
Desert(ed) Shopping District 1
Desert(ed) Shopping District 2
DTE Building 1
DTE Building 2
DTE Building 3
DTE Building 4
Ethnic Paintings on Building
Hamtown Beach Houses
Hamtown Corner Church
Hamtown Old House
Hamtown Ruin
Hamtown Taj Mahal
Hamtramck Hotel
House above Store
New Palace Bakery
Poletown Islam Center
Polscy Gorale
Sunset Cafe
Woody Pontiac
Woody-Pontiac woody
Wally's Video

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