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Here's Brush Park showing 97 Winder and some new and old contrast. The Crosswinds Condominiums are being built from the ground up. Why don't they restore some of these historical row house buildings while they're at it? Well, scroll down and abra cadabra...
One of the pioneer restoration projects in Brush Park is this gem at 97 Winder.
Here's some more new and old contrast.
This house could very likely be restored.
Hey, it's a good thing you can't see this house from the ballpark.
Looking toward downtown from Brush Park. Click the pic for a LARGE view.
It looks like a bomb went off in here!! WOW!!
Pretty soon this will fall down on it's own!!
Hey, people actually live here!!
This house is just north of Brush Park.
This house is the typical condition of many houses in Brush Park.
Another house in similar condition in Brush Park.
Well, how about this, a house being restored to its original grandeur. Well done!!.
I wanted to eat at the Brush Park Little Countess Barbeque Stand, but unfortunately, they were closed. Hopefully, they'll be open again in the Summer. HEY, it's up for sale, though. Has anyone been to Brush Park lately? Hold onto your hats-just about everything that is still standing is being restored and rebuilt, new condos are springing up everywhere - even the sewers are being upgraded. Give Brush Park 2 years and it'll be a state-of-the-Detroit-art neighborhood once more.
...darkness rolled-in and a ghostly breeze whistled through Brush Park...Note: The last two pix were were very dark and had to be run through E-Z NiteVision (Patent Pending)
More Brush Park...
More Brush Park...
The former Society of Arts & Crafts Building on Watson Street.
More Brush Park...
More Brush Park...
More Brush Park...

Detroit's Brush Park