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The latest concept was the conversion of the Madison into the "Post Bar". This is still in the works, but the end result has yet to happen.
The Madison Theatre, which is now completely destroyed, opened on March 7, 1917, with The Poor Little Rich Girl. The $500,000 construction project was completed in six months. The top floor of the building was home to the Kunsky Circuit's offices. Thanx to for most of this info.
The side of the Madison Theatre extends an open invitation to scavengers by having its door wide open. Under the operation of United Detroit Theaters, the Madison was the first in the area to show a 3D film, Bwana Devil, in 1952. The theater was also one of the first in the area with 70mm capabilities, showing Spartacus in 1960. The Madison successfully played roadshow features in 70mm, including a 22-month run of The Sound of Music.
The Madison Theatre. The Post Bar logo can be seen. The Madison Theatre which closed briefly in 1980, reopening with a double feature of All That Jazz and The Rose, and continued to operate until 1983. The last shows, The Dead Zone and The Keep, remained on the marquee for years before the building was briefly used for concerts. Click the pic for a LARGER view.
The latest pic of the Madison.
The Madison in its heydey. In January 1985, pipes in the theater burst, flooding water all the way out to the sidewalk. The theater was eventually purchased by the Michigan Opera Theater with plans for a rehearsal hall. (Picture courtesy Manning Bros.)

Madison Theatre