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The Lee Plaza as its heyday. Click the pic for a LARGE view.
An old postcard shot of the Lee Plaza.
The Lee Plaza as it stood on 10-15-2000.
WHY IS THE Detroit Housing Commission just sitting there letting the Lee Plaza deteriorate and be raped and pillaged?
There are almost none of the original windows nor any of the wonderful ornamentation left on this once beautiful building.
The famous Lions were chiseled out and transported to Chicago illegally.
The DHC is itching to level this place.
A distant shot of the Lee from the old Olympia Site.
A comparisson shot of the Lee Plaza from the rear. 6 months of neglect has elapsed. It just keeps getting worse.
The most elegant building on W. Grand Boulevard, perhaps the entire city of Detroit. Thanx to D-Day for the next few amazing shots of the Lee Plaza!! Click here to check out his site.
Another amazing shot of the Lee Plaza taken by D-Day. The scrappers are getting wise. Why break the windows, when you can steal 'em? Heck, if they get 2 or 3 intact windows, they'll have enough to buy a half pint!!
Another amazing shot of the Lee Plaza by D-Day. All of those darker spots are where these SCAVENGERS ARE STEALING THE WINDOWS!!. The next pic shows a close-up of the windows. Ask for details on the Fabulous Ruins Forum.
The Lee Plaza missing windows taken by D-Day. Heck, the SCAVENGERS chopped out the bricks and the decorative cement!! A full shopping cart of bricks and cement would probably yield them just enough cash to buy a half-pint. SCAVENGERS, get a real job - it's WAY easier!! WHO ARE THE BUYERS WHO BUY THESE ILLEGAL GOODS?
The Lee Plaza from the E-ZoneCam.
The Lee Plaza from the E-ZoneCam.
The Lee Plaza from the E-ZoneCam. Click here to view the Lee Plaza evidence sent to the FBI.

Lee Plaza