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An old postcard of the Historic Wolverine Hotel overlooking Grand Circus Park. Al Kaline, and other Tigers, lived at the Wolverine before they settled into their own homes. Maybe they were seeing into the future, planning ahead and trying to live as close as possible to the ballpark? The building to the right was the YMCA, which also fell victim to the wrecking ball.
The Wolverine Hotel in its heydey as depicted by this postcard. You can see the Gem Theatre 12 feet away next door. If Chuck Forbes did not move the Gem Theatre, it would've been demolished too! Click the pic for a LARGE view.
The Historic Wolverine Hotel is imploded. Thanx to for this pic!! Click the pic for a LARGE view.
The Wolverine Hotel was reduced to rubble. What's in it's place today? A Comercia Park parking lot (of course)!
Here's that parking lot today. Chalk up another fine piece of history gone from the city of Detroit.
An animation of The Wolverine Hotel implosion from It was a mere 15 feet from the Gem Theatre, which cleared the path for its move.
A nice shot of the Wolverine Hotel from Historic Detroit which not only is an excellent Wolverine Hotel site, but all of Detroit architecture.

Wolverine Hotel