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Another fire in Detroit? what's new!! Detroit averages about 22,000 fires per year, do the math...I came up with a fire every 24 minutes...
This Engine Co. will never go out of business.
Another engine Co. will never go out of business.
Another engine Co. that will never go out of business, either.
This Ladder Co. will never go out of business, either.
A burnt store with a house on the back on Chene.
Let's take a peek inside.
The roof got burnt off of this house just off of Chene.
Here's a "Perished Parish" on Chene St. It's hard to tell because much of the black charring has been washed away by rain.
Sooty black traces remain on this Highland Park gem. Maybe M&M will burn it down the rest of the way.
Even Hamtramck has a few post-toasties. (You can see the melted vinyl siding). Click here to see a close up of this house. Detroit has a fire every 24 minutes, but in Hamtramck it's more like every 24 weeks!
Here's a burnt house just north of Hamtown.
This junkyard next to the Packard Plant has had a couple of recent fires...
Another burnt gem on Frontenac near the Packard Plant.
Another angle of the Frontenac house. If you look closely, you can see one of those 'THIS HOUSE IS BEING WATCHED' signs.
Hey wait, that sign belongs to what once was the house next door.
Carson Apartments on Cass which have been recently bulldozed.
A reverse view of Carson Apartments.
Here's a house on Frontenac that...well, you see where this is going.
Here's a house a Chene where the fire was extinguished in a very expedient manner.
Here's a factory on Beaufait that appears to have had some sort of explosion...
Here's a burnt house near 7 Mile & I-75 with a fire hydrant directly out front.

Detroit's on Fire