Private Correspondence~Section #4, Xtra


Trying to focus through a prismatic fog. Join me for another round of Private Correspondence, letters from the heart and spirit...could be trash, could be glitter, could be diamonds...you be the judge.

Rebecca A. Barrington

Creatrix of LuLu Eccentrix Art

++++++++++The Letters++++++++++

Gotta Dance


Come Into PeeWee's Playhouse

Try and Try

I Bought The Wrong Glue

An Open Society

One Time

We Suspect

He Inspired Me To Get Off My Beach Towel

Going Off Half-cocked

Patterns of Dismissal

She Masked a Challenge

Grabbing A Cloud

A Supporting Glossary

Altering Effect

It's My Morning

Unique Ways To Die

Art To Go

Clarify Your Butter

Amphibians & Kitchenettes

Just Add Water

Interior Voyage

Shadowy Nuances



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