Private Correspondence~Xtra~Altering Effect


A little more than two years ago today I was in that shitty car accident. LuLu Eccentrix art was born out of that experience.

It is time for me to let it go. The experience, the bad taste in my mouth as to how the payment damage turned out, and to the art it spawned...bye bye.

I have been playing more and more with digital imagery, and now cleansed of what went on before, am ready to forge into this new territory.

My idea is to create a painting and take it in and out of the cyber world in a four-step process. I have come up with sublime imagery that takes my breath away.

That is my new path.

LuLu? Well she isn't exactly dead. I am sure she will pop up now and again when an idea can only be expressed in her naive way, but the new will overtake the old.

I am freshly born.