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More Art, More Words...R.A.Barrington

Most of these new sites are in different states of development. Check them out if you like, just don't expect the world. That's elsewhere.

Eat Art_LuLu Raw
excerpt from...Unfolding the First Skin, etal.
Last Meals by R.A.Barrington
Miniature Golf:It Saved America & It Can Save You Too!
tattoogirl...modern primitive body art
Barbie & Ken Get Cloned
Art Do It:Winter Carnival 2000
The 70s~Remnant Hippieness & Disco Fever
Private Correspondence~The Annex
Labor Day~Road Trip Minnesota
Private Correspondence~The Original Letters
With Sorrow In My Heart~Sadgirl
LuLu Devours The Planet~Eating The Neighborhood
Private Correspondence~Section 4~Xtra
Intrusions~LuLu & The Diz.A.Dentz
eccentrix blog
Comets At Dawn~Gathering Wishes
Irridescent Trout Fishing/Colorado Weekend
Liberty: Lady Stumbled
WAR...October 7, 2001
Hot American Girls!
Dancing With Chaos & Uncertainy:Love & War
Beep! Beep! You Drive Me Crazy! Honk! Honk!