Private Correspondence~Xtra~Art To Go


The fashionable costume for the season will be the gas mask. I'm going as a lovely vampire bride. And yes, I plan to party like it's the end of the world.


Halloween started early this year. Friday night, the 26th, really. A bunch of us got together at J and K’s new house. When the subject of dinner came up we couldn’t unhinge the men from the garage. J had put a new something something heater in his garage which is now the new man palace.

So K and I went off to pick up Chinese carryout. On the way out J slipped a ten in my hand and said, “Try the Hawaiian Flaming. You will like it.”

They have the best little dumps in their town. The eateries and bars are all little hole-in-the-walls, so nonYuppie, and so filled with cute guys. I have given up on the big venues, both for food AND for music. I am tired of having strangers shoulder-to-shoulder with me. Plus on the music part I want to hear the lyrics, not a bunch of screaming peeps. Oops I am off on a tangent.

The drink, the Hawaiian Flaming is just like a passport to Duke’s on Waikiki. It’s one of those bowl drinks, with flowers and fruit and right in the center a wicked flame… incredibly tasty. K and I were talking, drinking, sitting in a sea of men, and that was a huge amount of liquid, so by the time we returned to the house, well I walked in okay, but then I just remember people laughing at me and the worse part is I MISSED THE WHOLE DINNER and I LOVE Chinese, so that pissed me off around 11 when I seem to come back to planet Earth. My new plan is to drink ˝ so I don’t miss the damn food. J says the rumaki is special, if a bit freaky. They make it with chicken livers, not regular bacon, maybe Canadian? Or ham chunks? Then it is put into a wonton skin and deep-fried. I’ll find out next time.

Saturday morning my head is being pierced when someone I love dearly calls on my cell and tells me how much he loves Seattle and he has been out clubbing and met a guy named Keith. I say, “Do you mean you like to take it in the ass? Wow! What does that feel like?” He roared. He said, “Good response. I knew I could count on you.” He said most people respond with, "Oh really." "Are you sure?" "Good joke." Keith will be coming for Christmas!!!! This is going to be fun.

The party at Escape was really really good. I wore the vampire bride and I added 3” red fake nails but they didn’t stick on with the stuff that came with them so I used duct tape. You cannot imagine how many men are fond of duct tape. It is the greatest stuff. The other costumes were great too…one girl was a tornado! You know I LOVED that! Another girl was a giant tampon, a couple came as hippies, one girl was a pumpkin patch, and six Scandanavian women showed up as South Island hula girls. Lots of inventiveness. Not one war-related costume. At the last minute I did want to go as FREEDOM, but I couldn’t get it together, since I needed to finish up my yardwork during Saturday day since it is the last burning weekend. (I think I MAY have too many birdbaths, bird houses, bird feeders, and sculptures. It tool 3 hours to put the freeze-damageable ones away!) sorry…off on another tangent.

During the night the duct tape on my baby finger came loose and T was shooting pool so I asked a man standing at the rail behind our table if he could refasten it for me. He took my hand and very carefully attached it. He took a looong time, and kept apologizing, and I told him he had hands as cold as a vampire. I realized I had met a new kind of person, very deliberate, one who had a pace very foreign to mine. I liked him not in a sexual way but as a new archetype. Damn, this world is blisteringly beautiful! And how interesting that he had a head as round as a pumpkin or a harvest moon. This must be his special time of year.

And no I did not get drunk. In fact I was a bit shy all night because in my hurry to get dressed I forgot my panties. I don’t think anyone noticed but I knew, if you know what I mean. I didn’t have my black dress because Julie still has it so I wore one of the black slips that I have become so fond of sleeping in, but I was covered, it’s knee-length (only the lace parts are see-through) and I wore black boots. Oh and haha! I won first prize…a $100 gift certificate. Tornadogirl took second (she should have taken first in my mind), and this 6’7” guy with an Elvis face thing with the funniest hooknose and weird plastic hair took third.

Roast chicken, stuffing, sweet corn, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Dammit that gravy part messes me up because then someone floats into my brain, but yes a Sunday supper at C & C’s. C taught me how to make restaurant-style mashed potatoes! Microwave 6 potatoes (1 per person), peel them with your fingers under running water, mash them up, add a LOT of milk, then add instant mashed potatoes, keep adjusting until you get really smooooooooooooth mashed potatoes. That’s it. Pass that damn gravy!

We carved pumpkins. I LOVE the smell of burning jack-o-lantern hat! Mine is glowing away right now.

Can’t wait for Wednesday when all of the children will come around. Flood the world with bouncing joy! ++++++++++++++

I almost forgot. At C's I talked with a neighbor lady for about an hour. Her husband created a fairyland for her. At night her backyard is lit in white Christmas lights yearround! It looks sooooooo beautiful, tastefully done, and her house is all glass on the back so it extends her living space. The coolest part is that she has a pond AND SHE KNOWS HOW TO KEEP FISH ALIVE ALL WINTER. I don't know ANYONE that has that secret. I have the basics down. I will share it with my friend G!

There is a sad part to this story. The lady is in her 70s and her beloved hubba hubba husband who created the garden for her had a severe stroke last year and is under homecare, bedridden. They are unable to enjoy it together.

So kiss your honey, have scorching sex, and be happy!

Oh it is LOVE DAY and I just remembered something sweet. When I was 6 I broke my right foot. Yes I was goofing off, doing spins on the top rail of one of those old-fashioned monkey bars contraptions. There I was in a cast on crutches and it was just before Halloween. Guess what? My DAD carried me around the entire neighborhood for trick-or-treating! Remember my DAD was old, he would have been 60 when he did this for me. He definitely is MY HERO. Thanks DAD!!!!XXXXXXOOOOOOOO