Private Correspondence~Xtra~Grabbing A Cloud To Ride On


Hiya ,

I swamped my head with art on Saturday. It was a most beautiful vivid bluesky day. Peeps were buying like crazee. Fear does that. I didn’t see too many smiles, and very few laughs were heard. I did find out about everyone’s tee time though. Argh. “8:29” “We are right behind you.”

I bought another Switzer. It’s a companion piece to the one I have. The original is a vibrantly gorgeous piece of wood; you can see a lot of grain, lightly polished and glowing. The new one attracted me right away. It is dark, very black, you cannot discern the grain, and even the shape is stark and forbidding. It reminds me of a dark forest you don’t want to find yourself lost in. The first one is the Bambi/Disney bright forest with pink and yellow flowers growing at the base of every tree. Both pieces are sizeable…about 2’x 3’. Now I have a bright/dark, good/evil, yin/yang pair.

I also bought 5 cutting boards. They are very very stunning. Made of woods like red paduck (sp?), teak, maple, oak, and I am not sure what else, all sandwiched into a new board, sanded all smooth and good-looking. These will be presents, along with knives, for my cooking friends.

Hey I should keep one for myself. I LOVE cutting things up. No, that wasn’t my intention.

So as you can see I did my part to be a good Capitalist, plus I supported artists that need the cash, that need to be valued. Actually, artists do well here since it is in an area where people spill money out of their pockets for kicks.

But the best part was this:

About halfway through the show, I took a break and headed for the central index. That’s where they sell food and drinks and have live music.

I sat down on a hay bale, tore off bits of funnel cake and placed them on my lips. A man came over to a table next to me and asked if he could have the chair. He moved it over about five feet and motioned to his girl. She came over and sat down. Then he found another chair for himself. There they snuggled toward each other listening to a man doing keyboards to “Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree With Anybody Else But Me.”When the music stopped, the man exuberantly clapped his hands and she looked at him like they just had their first date the night before. He had to be 90; she was a youngish 82 or so.

They were more attractive than anything I saw in the whole entire art show. They had loved each other for what? 30, 40, 50 years? And you could tell that they still liked each other!!!! Oh to have something even close to that.

I’m going to shoot for it.

National I.D.’s or not.