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Letter To The North Wind That Blew In This Mail To Me,

"…It was great to visit long enough to actually have some meals together and drive around a bit. (Sorry about the Mary statue, though. One of my new lifelong commitments is to somehow be able to make that up to you.)…"

See that's how men are…a lifelong commitment, very funny!

Yes, I would have liked to have seen the MTM statue, but it isn't installed yet! So no biggie. Another day.

Actually I am glad that I am not a man. Men have so much expected of them. They are suppose to do everything right: be a success, make lots of money, make a girl's dreams come true, and repair the bathroom plumbing! Whew! That must be exhausting.

Especially when I think they would prefer to hang out in their cave with a big screen and a six-pack.

Women…well we get to be messy, depressed, vapid, and a million other things and guess what? It's okay. Men still think we are terrific.

So Superman, forget about Mary. When and if she appears I will return and we will go to see her, okay? We will have an amazing weekend. Time to put away your cape big boy. The thought is nice enough. Nothing due.


Your Pal


Update: The bad news:

G’s best pal’s brother who was part of our college gang died last year and no one knew about it.

He dropped out of med school and went into the undertaking business, switched from life to death. He was doing okay with it but he freaked whenever someone younger than him came in. Finally he gave it up.

After a series of shacking at the homes of every person he knew…he would drink a liter of whiskey a day, accuse his friends and family of trying to poison him, pull out a gun and start shooting in the air, drive like a car was a Black Mariah…he disappeared. Many of his friends tried to find him but he would never return a call when someone finally located his number.

Seems that his last days were spent in a flophouse in Kenosha, he had been doing sweeping-up jobs and was soon to be off to a 6-month jail sentence for DUI.

His landlady heard his music on loud the next morning and went up and knocked on the door of his room, no answer, so she left and returned with the key. He was dead on the floor, a whiskey bottle next to him and a cig in his other hand. His brother found 12 fake name IDs and an Idaho newspaper with jobs circled on it. Guess he was going to try to make another stab at getting it right.

He was 36.

At one time he had a wife and two boys.

Heaven needs to install longer lifelines and don’t just dangle them. Intentionally press them into the palms of the lost.

The good news: (This all seems a bit trite after what I just told you about. But life does have a sweet side too. That’s where we need to dwell.)

G and I just found out we are both collecting old erotic photographs. His collection goes for the technically pristine, mine is simply women-at-work…kind of a celebration of Rosie the Riveter.

He is sending me two of his pieces that I have been lusting for. The first is of a little store waaaaaaay up in the North Country. Actually it is of the shelves of food in a little grocery store. The shelves are very very pink. I see it as a supreme woman symbol. The pink shelves full of food…love and nourishment of man. The second piece is extremely cool in an Alfred Hitchcockian way. It is an interior shot of a modern office building. Desolate. Forbidding. Stark. I love balance...hot/cold, yin/yang…and the two pieces will be perfect together.

Also G said that MTM is being cast NOW, but they will wait until spring to install her and do the dedication due to the freezing-ass temps up in the Twin Cities. Oh and the real MTM will be there.

So Minne in the spring. Although I prefer to do it when there won’t be a huge throng of people present. So not on d-day.

Looking forward to something may be the way people stay alive.


Oh man, I am going to rant so leave now so your ears don’t get blistered.


It stole my enjoyment of my Chinese dinner over the weekend. It kills people.

Live life with head-on intention. If you blur it all up you will miss the good stuff…like food and sex and laughing.

If you do intention, yes, sometimes it will sting and cut and mutilate you but at least you experienced it. Feel.

The good part is that you will be aware of every single second of love and sex and some dreamy person looking into your eyes...and you won't miss your Chinese dinner.

It’s worth it.

I want you around.