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The Big Sex Quiz

Who is more likely to have an affair…a professional woman or a housewife?

Housewives. The professional women get validation in their jobs.

What segment of our society has the most sex?

Chicas. Having babies is heroic.

Who is least interested in sex?

Men over 40, which is why Viagra was invented.

Where in our country will you find the most single men?

San Jose, California


Baltimore, Maryland

Should we hold a big singles party in Chicago to unite these two groups?

Nope. Totally different outlook on life. Baltimore is old, authentic, and wrinkly; San Jose is dot.com, Yuppie, face lifts. Sorry, but it wouldn’t work.

Last q:

What segment of our population has the least sex?

Old money, white people. They feed on culture, travel, and power.

And what does this all mean?