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Just Some Words…

*Harvest Moon-big bright nights to soothe me when all of those house noises scare me. I’ve become downright jumpy. Thank you Mother Earth.

*The Van Halen Synchronicity Thing No one has mentioned Van Halen in a loooooooong time. Then on Thursday someone quoted him during a sucker-punch conversation.

Saturday night, while sitting in a hot tub on a mountaintop in Colorado, my friend T tells me about a Van Halen concert he went to in 1984 (or was it 89?) up in Alpine Valley (Wisconsin)

He said there was a huge black drum on the stage. No one knew why it was there. The band played some songs, then David Lee Roth disappeared, but the guys kept playing. Suddenly from the top of the hill behind the audience appears DLR riding a gigantic black microphone about 20 feet long. He’s slapping his ass and screaming, yellow wildman hair flying, and as he closes in on the stage, the huge drum bursts open and giant inflatable woman’s legs come flying out! The tip of the microphone bounces off the drum (between the woman’s legs), DLR slides off and the band goes into an extended version of “Go On And Jump” He said bands were crazee in the 80s. I guess!!!!

On Tuesday Charles stops by with a small cardboard box filled with CD’s he is getting rid of. Guess what CD’s are on top? Yep.

*My friend Adam from the East Coast called Monday night to tell me that The Statue of Liberty was reopened over the weekend. He knows how much I adore our primary symbol of freedom. “So stop worrying. They would not chance reopening it if there was any threat of danger. Right, girl?” Thank you Adam! That is the first positive thing I have heard. It lifts my sadness somewhat. To celebrate I think I will do a S of L painting or two. Oh a curious series just jumped into my head. Thank you again!

*Speaking of paintings, I offered prints of my terrorism paintingsas part of the fundraiser for the families and rescue workers. eBay deemed them inappropriate! My paintings are not disrespectful. They are spiritually compassionate works where I focused on the heartbreaking silence. K says that their refusal makes the paintings better. She told me to listen to the lyrics of Eminem’s Green Eggs & Ham and she added that I do things only a six-year old can get away with. “You look at the world with a fractured kaleidoscope.” K did you mean “telescope”?

Anyway, I refuse to let any corporation make me feel badly because of the way I wish to express my grief, and my love of America. So bug off!

*Ellen told me that men like girls with smiles for one reason. She said the way a man treats his wife is reflected in her face. Sad girls=bad husbands; happy girls=hubba hubba men. I’m going to check it out this coming week.UPDATE: This is soooooooo not true. Each person stands on their own. Some peeps are just sad and prefer to be that way. Some people prefer to be around sad peeps. So if your "other" doesn't beat you or anything like that then you are just a sadass. Take Prozac!

*We were over doing trivia at Bennigan’s, eating those yummy egg rolls (anyone know how to make those?????? I am begging for the recipe.), when Sammy hit a homer and carried a little flag around the bases. Everyone was cheering or smiling, well everyone but some creepy woman at the bar. She grimaced and said, “Who the hell gave him thaaaaaaaaat?” Go home.

*Two mornings ago I ended up in the ER. It scared me very much. The doctor said it was an anxiety attack. Not to worry, Doc (my Doc) gave me meds. (Well the ER doc did too.) One makes me feel like an absolute goddess, the other makes me invincible, or as I like to say, invisible. He has other stuff if I need it. I know I am very lucky to have him in my life.

Guess what else he did? He asked me to stay at his house. I asked if he could move his bed over on the wall so I could sleep on the inside away from the door. He said YES, and rearranged his entire bedroom for me. Now I can actually sleep…no terror attacks, no demons, no ghosts. The sleeping pills help too, but I think I could sleep without them as well.

One tough week.