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How To Stay In Love For 50 Years

By Barrington

First, and this is the most important part, you must WANT to be in love for 50 years. Can you imagine what that would be like? I think it must be akin to spiritual transcendence. Where two people become a force against the world, helpmates, soulmates, lovers, swimming through the sewerage of everyday nonsense.

If 50 years of love sounds like a prison sentence, then this article isn’t for you. Stop reading and go do something more pleasant.

Tips On How To Get There (For Men)

1. Adore your woman. Sing a song to her, pat her on the butt, wink now and then, kiss her on the shoulder, tell her she looks nice. All of these little things count big points. Yes, women like presents too, but the day-to-day lovetaps will get you farther into her heart.

2. Try not to fight. Discussions work better for everyone. ANGER Yes you can get pissed off, but don’t attack the person. Attack the problem.

3. Respect her.

4. Be a poet. Every so often tell her that life without her would be nothing.

5. Be willing to die the day after she does.

Tips For Women…

1. Be nice. Work for most people isn’t that pleasant. He probably either had to yell or get yelled at. Give him a break when he walks in the door.

2. Always remember that you two are lovers. Love often in as many ways as possible.

3. Allow him to be your hero.

4. Ha! I just realized that all of the things I said in the first list are appropriate here too. All of these tips apply both ways.

5. Give each other space.

There you have it. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Oh, and if you are wondering how I know all of these things, being 26 and single, well, I grew up with it. It is what my parents were to each other. Bonded by a fierce love. Did they argue. Yes, they did. But they were loving far more of the time. And the constant tenderness, the respect, the love…whew!

I just hope-upon-hope I can find it too.


Ha ha ha,

He, he ,he,

Ho ,ho ,ho,

You and me.


Additions...I thought of these this afternoon:

Here are some life-savers…

“Babydoll, I screwed up. Let’s get this back on track.”

“Honeyman, let’s not do this. Can I give you a hug?

*Buy two teevees. One for her, one for him. A third for games is good too!

*Each person gets a private space. Can be a room or just a desk.

And, no, I am not Dr Phil’s daughter! Just a girl trying to figure it all out. I want my addiction to be the life of love I have with one nice guy.

Coo, and smooch, and laugh a lot.


If you know of anymore ideas, email them to me. Thanx.