Private Correspondence~Xtra~Shadowy Nuances


Pre-1960, Flamingos roamed the tropical paradise known as Florida, the state where they can't count votes in the year 2000.

Flamingos being bright pink, rare, and unusual, became the prey of hunters. Just as all things rare and beautiful are attacked, hunted and killed, so were they. Now they only exist in zoos, caged, where they can be protected.

But they do survive. Just in a different way.


Doc sees a flamingo and he sees hearts. He says two standing beak-to-beak create a loveheart. He is right.

He has a new sweetname for me because when I wash dishes or stand at any work center I always cock one leg up and stand like a flamingo. I think this weird habit of mine must be some leftover from dance classes. He thinks it is cute, not odd. Okay babe!