Private Correspondence~Xtra~Clarify Your Butter

Hello World,

I see we haven't learned much. Here we are once again throwing money at a problem and hoping, fingers-crossed, that it will go away.

I am referring to the airline bailout, more corporate welfare.

But wait.

People don't want to fly, then hotels aren't filled, cabbies and limo drivers have no fares, restaurants have no diners, theaters have no audience, clubs have no patrons…it goes on and on…a domino effect. And who is going to help the hotel maids? the waitstaff? the bouncers? the bartenders?

The scope of this disaster is beyond imagination.

I guess I am supposed to be really smart right now and come up with a magic solution.

I don't have much clarity. I am in a pervasive fog of sadness.

The best thing I can do is try to regather the momentum. I will be flying (not one of my favorite things even before this) to Colorado. I plan to reconnect with a friend who built a house atop a mountain. He gave up a worthless dilatant life, went back to school, and now teaches developmentally-disabled children. Children that have been incested or beaten and devoured by their own family members.

I am hoping this man can help me. Or will it be another exercise of one drowning mermaid gasping for oxygen? I don't know.

The best solution I have at this very moment is this:

We have taken a devastating hit and first we need to admit it. We need to reexamine ourselves, our values. This is no time for hysteria. We will ALL take hits…rich man, poor man, beggarman, thief. Perhaps we can recapture our spirits, become more tolerant, less rude, more interested in the value of every single person on the planet, learn about other countries, find out where each country is located, stop screaming for money, stop selling our souls for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Now is the time to save ourselves…and the world. Time to become loving spirits.

P.S. On a side note, I have been wondering if crime fell drastically right after the terrorist attack? It seems to me that it would. That something of this proportion would affect even the most desperate soul. If anyone has any stats on this, please email me. Thank-you.

P.P.S.People that make 0ver 50 million $$$$$$$ per movie could make a huge dent in human suffering right now. Consider it.