Private Correspondence~Gotta Dance


Paging Dr. Will,

Good God you are a beautiful man!!!!!! Here he is:WILL

I missed the end of Big Brother 2 so I didn’t know if you won or not. You did. You deserved it.

I started watching sorta in the middle and only caught about 3 or 4 shows. Nicole was a player. She would hug and kiss everyone and pretend she was their friend, and later vote them off. Then alligator tears. I am glad the other contestants saw through her lovegame. Plus playing that “I may be losing my marriage card.” Ha! It didn’t work.

You, well, you said you were Dr. Evil and you stayed true to your course. You didn’t bullshit anyone. I like that.

I noticed on the BB that women complained about your lack of body hair. Come over here baby. You are perfect…handsome, brilliant, and practically hairless!!!!

Big smile to you cute guy.


With your attitude you will do well.


P.S. If you ever want to “play” doctor, I would be up for bad nurse.

P.P.S.By chance does the WS stand for Wisconsin?