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Kidnapped To Love

Chapter 16 - To shocking to express

Lady and Mark pulled silently up to the Hanson's house and got out opening the back door for the three wondering brothers. One by one they got out.
Lady said, "Isaac, Zac stay here. There are steps that I will guide you up. Taylor you are first." Lady took Taylor's hand and guided him up the steps as she returned for Isaac and then Zac.
Lady opened the door for them as she guided them in and had them sit down on a couch and then turned on the light. Their family surrounded them.
Lady smiled saying, "Okay guys remove the blindfolds."
Taylor, Isaac, and Zac at the same time removed the blindfolds and opened their eyes to see their family surrounding them. Their faces turned from full color to pale as they looked at their brother, sisters, their father, and mother. Their mother looked at them and saw their faces pale.
She smiled and whispered to them, "I'm so sorry guys. Please forgive me for ever rejecting you."
Isaac, Taylor, and Zac were shocked beyond words so all they did was wrap their arms around their parents and family. That night they found their hearts back where they should be. Lady smiled and walked out the door with her boyfriend giving the family time to reunite. She then remembered and ran back inside pulling a book from her hand and laying it beside them, as they still stood silent. She smiled again and left.
When Lady had returned Mark held out his hand for her saying, "Come on my love let's go check on your sister and daughter." Lady nodded and got into his car as they drove off. Back at the house Lady came in and discovered Lisa looking worn out and Linda asleep.
Lady asked, "What happened?"
Lisa replied, "Linda did nothing but cry and poor Ricky is dead tired like me. He's asleep on the couch. I'm going to join him. Good night you two."
Lady smiled replying, "Good night dear sister and thanks for watching her."
Lisa smiled and walked into the living room and dropped on the couch where Ricky was and instantly fell asleep.
Lady shook her head and asked, "They are asleep so do you wanna take the floor or my bed?"
Mark smiled and replied, "We'll take your bed."
Lady smiled and said, "Sounds good to me love, let's go." With that Lady and Mark headed upstairs for a peaceful night sleep.


The Hanson's were a family again; when everyone discovered Lady left. They felt kinda bad but felt that their hearts were alive and whole. Taylor saw Lady leave but was too shocked to say anything. He picked up the book she had left and opened it to the first page. It read…

Dear Isaac, Taylor, and Zac

My sister inspired me to write another story and so I have. I guess you can say I had my destination finished when you taught me how to care and to love and for that I call this story "Kidnapped To Love". For it is true and thank you for pulling me through.

Lady Love Seed


Taylor smiled and shut the book. The book was a purple sparkle book, with gold lettering saying: Kidnapped To Love, By Lady.
Zac asked, "Hey what's that Tay?"
Taylor smiled and replied, "It's a book Lady wrote us."
"Cool." Was Zac's only response as he took the book and opened it reading the first page to it. Zac smiled and shut the book. He got up without another word and ran upstairs to sleep, leaving Taylor deep in thought when suddenly the phone ran. Taylor got up and answered the phone.
"Hello?" Taylor asked. All he heard was harsh breathing and a voice that sent chills up his spine.
The voice sneered, "Soon… your family and Lady's will be dead and you'll never have any time to react to what I'm about to do." With that the person hung up leaving Taylor pale and breathing in short breaths.
Isaac came down and asked, "Hey Tay? What's wrong?"
Taylor turned to him and said, "Ike…he's come back."
"Who's come back?" Isaac asked confused.
Taylor replied with his voice quivering, "Hollow Love Seed. It was his voice Ike. He said he was gonna kill our family and Lady's. What are we gonna do?"
Isaac looked at Taylor trying to comfort him, as he looked scared and lost.


Lady and Mark woke up the next morning to the sound of an ear, piercing scream. Lady ran downstairs to find Lisa on the floor in a panic.
Lady knelt down and said, "Calm down. What happened?"
Lisa's only reply was, "Hollow Love Seeds back."
Lady shook her head and said, "Lisa he can't be. I shot him in the head. He's dead. You and I saw the blood."
Lisa replied, "Listen to the answering machine if you don't believe me Lady. Listen to it and you will see." Linda was crying but that was soon stopped when Ricky went to comfort the child.
Lady with shaking hands pressed the play button and listened to the sound of a dark voice and deep breathing on the other end saying, "You Lady Love Seed and Hanson will have a far, far worse death once I get my hands on you and this time I will use your daughter for my business you unfairly have stole. But I guarantee Hollow Love Seed will be back! And when I am… you guys will pay dearly." With that there was a loud click indicating the ending of a message and the beginning of a nightmare.


Or is it?

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